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Lou B
Lou B
11:45 27 Oct 20
Excellent toddler gymnastics sessions. My 2 year old loves it. 110 % recommend. Laura is fantastic.
Kirstie Brandle
Kirstie B.
23:50 19 Oct 20
Brilliant instructors and well versed in keeping us safe
Charlotte Bushby
Charlotte B.
20:23 08 Oct 20
It has lots of sports to do there like dance ,swimming, and a gym it is very good.
M Lampert
M L.
18:27 29 Sep 20
Staff always helpful & pleasantLeisure centre clean & tidy
13:46 28 Sep 20
Good social distance measures in place, easy to book
Maureen Anderson
Maureen A.
13:15 25 Sep 20
Very well organised for swimming.
Marcin Sekula
Marcin S.
15:34 18 Sep 20
Perfect place for swimming lesson for all children
Jean Perry
Jean P.
18:19 10 Sep 20
The gym is impressive and caters for all types of gym users. I am not aware of a better equipped gym outside a major city.
julie boyce
julie B.
17:17 02 Sep 20
So good to be back for swimming lessons. Greeted at the door and given an explanation of the new system. Spotlessly clean throughout, keep up the good work👍
dawn neale
dawn N.
01:09 26 Aug 20
Excellent, very helpful staff, coping well with covid, whilst offering a good, enjoyable time.
Alison Gavin
Alison G.
04:51 17 Aug 20
Helpful, friendly staff and the gym is very well equipped.
Matt Parfitt
Matt P.
08:09 01 Aug 20
They have good Covid setup. Kit is well looked after. Not very big gym though but booking system in place for Covid makes it comfortable. Wide range of facilities available. Worth exploring.
Nina Horne
Nina H.
16:16 27 Jul 20
Great to be back, felt very safe as usual staff brilliant, lovely gym experience
14:47 25 Jul 20
Amazing 💪🏽
Rosie Simmonds
Rosie S.
20:14 27 Feb 20
Great and good sized softplay. Staff in the cafe not very friendly though...
Buddy Islam
Buddy I.
17:50 22 Feb 20
Lady called Sophie was so kind to let me and my son go in, You made mine and my son's evening complete we had so much fun Thank You
Johnny G
Johnny G
13:53 15 Feb 20
Kid's loved it. Many thanks Johnny G
Andrea England
Andrea E.
10:29 11 Feb 20
Great for the family softplay area big food and drink goodc
Steve Groves
Steve G.
15:49 07 Feb 20
Awesome gym, especially after the refit. Fantastic knowledgeable and friendly trainers too with top notch equipment.
Chris Cox
Chris C.
09:16 07 Feb 20
Great gym and swimming pool 😊
13:09 31 Jan 20
Nice pool with lovely hot shower after
Bethany Frances
Bethany F.
10:22 29 Jan 20
Great place for little kiddies if you need to keep them entertained on a rainy day. Nice little cafe too with drinks and snacks.
Kirsti Willis
Kirsti W.
23:37 28 Jan 20
Recently discovered this gym and joined it. Absolutely fantastic. Better than any gym I went to in Bristol. So many things to do. Not expensive at all. The soft play is also great and open late in the week which is unusual and great! Friendly staff too!
12:27 18 Jan 20
Clean, tidy, staff are always helpful. Lots to do
Karen Mercer
Karen M.
16:21 17 Jan 20
There is an excellent trampolining teacher here called Laura and she is brilliant with motivating and teaching autistic children. I have watched her teach my son for a year now and highly recommend her for her patience, professionalism and understanding.
Lucy Kate
Lucy K.
17:11 16 Jan 20
Trampolining lessons here, brilliant, kids love it, teacher very understanding of additional needs. Soft play great too and the cafe
Ann Sage
Ann S.
22:06 15 Jan 20
Great staff that help with a wide variety of keep fit options
toni t
toni t
16:10 04 Jan 20
Great space, lots of different activities. Loved the climbing wall. Friendly helpful staff. Children's parties.
Nicola Cunnington
Nicola C.
11:37 03 Jan 20
Lovely soft play - actually looks and feels very clean (which cannot be said for others) and the cafe is well stocked and serves a good coffee as well as food. Has lots of seating and a dedicated smaller children's section. Imagine it could get hugely busy in the holidays!!!
chris day
chris D.
10:04 12 Oct 19
Great swimming and gym facilities
Tom_boy64 -Tom
Tom_boy64 -.
13:12 06 Oct 19
Great facility and easy to book
Reg Owen
Reg O.
07:01 29 Aug 19
Great facilities and super friendly helpful staff
Rose Cull
Rose C.
06:28 03 Jul 19
I went to Mum & Baby swim here. Huge swimming pool, and it was a fun session.
Jordan Robinson
Jordan R.
06:45 14 May 19
Love it down here, close to home and a great place to work
Billy Wakefield
Billy W.
06:27 14 May 19
Me and my brother Benny love the facilities down here. The staff are very welcoming and are always very helpful which make our visits much more enjoyable.
Jenny Sell
Jenny S.
06:20 14 May 19
Love going to the gym here, great range of equipment!
Benny Wakefield
Benny W.
06:13 14 May 19
Great facilities! I appreciate everything the staff do for me down there! Can imagine the general manager has put the staff through a lot of training to get them to where they are, as they are the most kind and generous people i have ever met! Never been in such a good place for the community!soundBenny
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