The member has the right to cancel the membership agreement by sending or taking a written notice of cancellation to the reception or by following the link below to complete our online cancellation form. The member has 14 days starting with the day after he/she signs the contract. Dragonfly Leisure in this instance and where the membership has not been used, will refund in full all monies received. Deductions equivalent to our standard charges and the access card fee will be made to cover any usage within the 14 day period.   In no other circumstances will fees be refunded.

A full payment month’s notice is required in writing for direct debit membership cancellations.

Direct Debit Membership Cancellation Form

Annual Memberships

Where an annual membership has been taken out the member has the right to cancel the membership agreement in writing either at reception or by following the link below to complete our online cancellation form within 14 days after he/she signs the contract.  Deductions equivalent to our standard charges will be made to cover any usage within the 14 day period. After the 14 day period, refunds are not available under any circumstances.


These are non-refundable once the deposit and final balances have been made. Bookings can be moved, subject to availability, with a minimum 28 days notice. A refund or credit note will be offered if the party is cancelled by Dragonfly Leisure.

Kids Club

Refunds or credit notes are not available once payment is made unless Dragonfly Leisure cancels the session.

We do allow children to be moved to an alternative day, subject to availability,  as long as a minimum of 48 hours notice is given.

Holiday Sessions

  • Chargeable activities MUST be paid for in advance.
  • We do allow activities to be moved to an alternative day, subject to availability,  as long as a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.
  • Refunds are not available if cancelled by the customer. A full refund or alternative day will be offered where the course is cancelled by Dragonfly Leisure.


Refunds will not be issued for missed sessions or where the participant decides they don’t want to attend any more.

A full payment month’s notice is required for all cancellations which must be completed via the online form.

Lesson Cancellation Form

Lesson Suspensions

We accept that there may be occasions where you/your child may not be able to attend for an extended period of time due to injury, long term illness or other personal reasons. In these circumstances we offer the following options

  1. Payments are suspended for that period. In this instance you/your child will be removed from the class and added to the top of our waiting list. We are unable to hold spaces without payment.
  2. You continue to make payments to guarantee your space. In this instance there is no requirement to complete our suspension form. We would request however that you email us at to advise that you/your child will not be attending due to illness, injury or personal reasons so that we can inform our coaching teams accordingly.

It is important to note that our charges are calculated on 100% occupancy and as such we are unable to reserve a child’s place without payment.   

The following Terms and Conditions apply for suspensions (where payments have been suspended)

  • Lessons can only be suspended for full calendar month (i.e 1st – 31st) and must have a start and end date. Please note that we need at least 10 days notice prior to your next direct debit collection date (on or around 1st of any month).
  • Any person/child requesting a lesson suspension will be removed from the lesson programme and placed on the top of the waiting list. Only when a place becomes available will the person/child be offered to re-join the lesson following suspension. Payments will re-commence from the new start date.
  • Suspensions can only be submitted using our online sports lesson suspension form. We will not accept requests by any other means.
  • Suspension period cannot exceed 6 months.

Lesson Suspension Form

Block Bookings

The hirer must give a minimum of twenty-eight days notice to cancel any one-off or short-term booking (less than 10 weeks) and three months notice for any long-term regular bookings (10 weeks or more). Charges will apply to any booking not cancelled within this period unless the facility can be re-let. Dragonfly Leisure will waive any charges due where the booking can be re-let.

Block bookings will be invoiced one month in advance of booking and must be paid within the 30-day period. Where payment is not made a late payment fee will be added to the next invoice.

Activities (Group Exercise Classes, Gym Bookings, Court Bookings, Swimming Bookings & Soft Play Bookings)

  • Members (where the activity is included as part of their membership) can cancel or amend their bookings up to 1 hour prior to the start of each class/booking. Customers will not be charged if the booking is cancelled at least 1 hour prior to the start of the activity. Bookings made online can be cancelled online by clicking on the ‘My Bookings’ button.
  • Pay As You Go customers are required to pay at the point of booking. Refunds will only be issued where sessions are cancelled by Dragonfly Leisure. Bookings can be moved to an alternative date (within the 7-day book ahead policy), subject to availability and where a minimum of 1-hour notice is given. Customers wishing to move their booking will need to contact us via our website chat facility (messenger icon) bottom right-hand corner.
  • Members who
    • fail to attend or register their attendance prior to attending an activity, even if the membership includes free attendance, will be logged as ‘failed to attend’.  A 50p non-attendance charge will be applied if this happens on four occasions in a 30-day period.
  • DL reserves the right to cancel an activity when a like-for-like replacement cannot be offered or suitably qualified staff aren’t available to deliver the activity. In this instance, an alternative date will be offered. Refunds will only be issued at the sole discretion of the Centre Manager.

Facility Closure – Severe Weather / Maintenance Works

Refunds will not be offered where our facilities or activities are affected by severe weather conditions, essential maintenance works or forced closures out of our control.

Dragonfly Leisure will, where possible, offer additional sessions for the following activities that are affected by site closures.

  • Sports Courses – gymnastics, trampolining, swimming, football, dance, climbing and tennis
  • Court bookings – badminton, tennis, table tennis and artificial grass pitches
  • Group Exercise Classes – PAYG members only

Arrangements for monitoring & evaluation

  • This policy will be reviewed as required by the Senior Leadership Team.
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