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At Dragonfly Leisure you can enjoy the very best equipment, an indoor heated swimming pool, steam and sauna facilities, racquet sports, an indoor climbing wall plus over 180 classes per week!

Angela Heal
Angela H.
18:42 06 May 24
Good but limited times for using the pool when I want to.
Kelly Powell
Kelly P.
20:25 05 May 24
All the classes I've been to are great and the staff are really knowledgeable and lovely...I particularly love Jason's style he's really fun and energetic and makes excerise a pleasure and not a chore, he makes me laugh and his class is perfect to start my day.I also love attending Emily's post class she's always bringing fresh ideas to the group and really understands what excerises work for post pregnancy even if your almost 4 years down the line like me, my son adores her and loves coming to post class just as much as I do!
Graham Lee
Graham L.
17:36 17 Apr 24
This is a great gym, swimming pool complex. Really good value for money but notwithstanding that it is the staff that make it, friendly, professional and motivational when and if you need it. Well recommended and good work team. Appreciate it.
Dawn Robertson
Dawn R.
10:00 16 Apr 24
Absolutely loving the classes and people!!
Danny-Joe Ferriman
Danny-Joe F.
17:38 12 Apr 24
First time down there in years, went to meet management for something got shown around, facilities easily best in the area and in my opinion surpass the higher end gyms like Nuffield.
debbie wait
debbie W.
07:06 08 Apr 24
Amazing pump class on Sunday morning with Amy. Varied, sweaty, and throughly enjoyable. Definitely recommend
Lola Brocklehurst
Lola B.
11:11 07 Apr 24
All the facilities are clean and updated, and all the staff are lovely.I would definitely recommend going there!
Jamie Tovey
Jamie T.
14:50 24 Mar 24
Only used the swimming facilities but changing rooms/lockers and shower facilities are ample and always in good order.
Aleece Hoelscher
Aleece H.
20:51 03 Mar 24
We very recently had a Ninjair party for our son here, and I can’t say enough good things about the facilities and staff. The place is extremely clean, and run very efficiently. Even with a timing mix up that was completely my fault, the staff at dragonfly leisure centre went above and beyond to make sure my son and his friends had an amazing time and didn’t miss out on anything. Having a dedicated party room and party host makes everything much easier on the parents as well! I will definitely be back and will certainly recommend DLC to other parents looking to host birthday parties!
Leanne Coates
Leanne C.
13:39 14 Feb 24
My little one enjoyed the under 3s softplay. It's a shame older kids kept coming in and playing and this is not monitored at all. The food and drink took quite awhile to come and came in 3 stages but they did start with the little ones food first.
Rebecca Murray
Rebecca M.
06:59 12 Feb 24
Used the spa £6 for half an hour . Lovely and clean ,was small but done the job ,only downside u had to go in the corridor to get there .
Lee Matthews
Lee M.
20:02 28 Jan 24
Really good place to go for a lot of activities and fitness
Martha Vest
Martha V.
13:04 26 Jan 24
This place is absolutely brilliant for toddlers.Unsettingly, it's closing down to make way for a Gym expansion. They say it's because it's not busy, but it's not that, it's always busy. They could put their prices up slightly but obviously there's more money in Gyms them toddlers.This is a travesty!
Dan Carter
Dan C.
18:30 19 Jan 24
Great place for children's parties. Particularly enjoyed laser tag
Chelsea Cameron
Chelsea C.
19:51 11 Jan 24
Hosted my sons 6th birthday party in the soft play this evening. Very well run, everything went smoothly and staff were very polite and helpful with setting up and tidying away. Lovely time had by all 🥰 thank you.
Jonathan Offler
Jonathan O.
07:21 24 Dec 23
I have been a member of the gym here for a few months and I have to say it's great . Friendly and helpful staff and a nice atmosphere. Very clean and warm. The only thing I would say is that there is a lot more space for weights and it would be nice to see a few more machines.
Ian Cook
Ian C.
14:01 23 Dec 23
Good gym, with friendly helpful staff
Nichola Dancho
Nichola D.
18:05 22 Dec 23
Great place n activities for kids
Bruce Hain
Bruce H.
10:04 21 Dec 23
Great staff, nice facilities, lovely cafe!
Bruce Hain
Bruce H.
10:05 16 Dec 23
First time there... Really impressed.
Matthew Colbourn
Matthew C.
13:39 02 Dec 23
My son and I went here to try the swimming pool as we had not been here before. A really nice pool plus the changing rooms were quite clean too.
Bethany Frances
Bethany F.
12:24 01 Dec 23
Great place for little kiddies if you need to keep them entertained on a rainy day. Nice little cafe too with drinks and snacks.Only downside is today they had no heating on when it's freezing outside, I was walking around in my coat!
Steven Illsley
Steven I.
19:03 29 Nov 23
My daughter does gymnastics classes here on a Saturday, also attended birthday parties, great venue, very clean and tidy
Charlotte Jenner
Charlotte J.
13:02 28 Nov 23
First time doing any exercise since having a child. Highly recommend the work out class Post as you can take your little one. Made to feel welcome and no judgement!
David Lear
David L.
15:18 26 Nov 23
Great place brilliant atmosphere my daughter dose gymnastics here classes are fantastic.
Jackie Murray
Jackie M.
16:54 25 Nov 23
Love this place. Staff are awesome 👌
Jessica Spencer
Jessica S.
10:51 16 Nov 23
This soft play is amazing! Round the corner from my house I go to the gym here and didn’t even realise they had one. I’ve been going here every week with my baby for a few months and it is so big! Lots of sections for different ages my baby loves it. My baby goes free until she is 1 and adults go free which is how it should be! The coffees are amazing and the menu is brilliant with really reasonable prices. Highly recommend!
Narinder Penny
Narinder P.
12:33 23 Oct 23
Great price for softplay. Food is also reasonably priced. Good for smaller and bigger children. Hot chocolate is super delicious. Always find it is bright and clean
Karen Gibas
Karen G.
10:01 19 Oct 23
I've been a member for quite a few years now and I've always enjoyed the workout classes but since I've been doing Lotties TRX classes twice a week they have become my firm favourites. The atmosphere in these classes is amazing everybody interacts to help any newbies we all get on so well it's a lovely friendly atmosphere. Lottie goes out of her way to improve us all she works us hard but its friendly and fun I have certainly noticed an improvement in my own strength I enjoy this form of exercise so much I have bought a set of TRX straps and set them up at home for the days there aren't classes but that wouldn't replace the benefit of Lotties tuition. Thanks Lottie keep up the good work.
vicki foxwell
vicki F.
19:23 13 Oct 23
I have been a member for about 4 years - Amazing gym very spacious , great staff - always very welcoming ,classes are great from pilates to Legs, Bums & Tums, Love the TRX class with lotte is a fantastic workout
Nathan Prior
Nathan P.
06:19 08 Oct 23
Yaz,Sian and Lottie were very helpful. Couldn’t do more to help me with the halo app. A Great gym with great equipment and great staff.
Vicky Kells
Vicky K.
14:13 07 Oct 23
Great go bananas playarea
Jo Carter
Jo C.
22:52 05 Oct 23
I took out a membership about 6 months ago , I use the gym, swimming, aqua aerobics and do some fitness classes. I find the staff very friendly and always happy to help if needed. It is also helping me have a better lifestyle too. I would highly recommend this Sports Centre to anyone.
sophie B
sophie B
20:36 05 Oct 23
I use the gym, do post natal, couple of the exercise classes and the pool for aqua aerobics and water babies. Staff are all amazing, great having different instructors as they all do rountines in a different way which is great for different workouts. I always leave my workouts feeling great due to the push and support they give you to get through the class. My daughter has also done swimming lessons here for a long time and is doing grand and really enjoys it!Definitely recommend this centre ☺️
Jade Preddy
Jade P.
12:59 03 Oct 23
The gymnastics facilities are truly excellent and the staff are knowledgeable, fun, helpful and skilled. My children have been going to the pre-school classes for years and the classes are tailored to their abilities in the most gentle way, enabling them to enjoy learning and therefore succeed. Couldn't recommend enough. If you're unsure of which class is best, seek out Laura!
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer D.
06:36 29 Sep 23
I absolutely love this place and the staff are amazing especially Ed who my Granddaughter and myself love, he's our favourite 😁😉😆
Luke Sellars
Luke S.
16:55 21 Sep 23
My daughter had a swimming party at midsomer Norton. It’s was fantastic! She had a brilliant time and wants another. The host Shannon was outstanding! She made everything so easy, nothing was to much trouble and she was amazing with the children. My son now wants a swimming party which I will be booking without hesitation. Absolutely fantastic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Lauren.
Maxine Grant
Maxine G.
14:02 20 Sep 23
I use the gym and pool facilities at Dragonfly Midsomer Norton. I find all the staff extremely friendly and helpful, nothing is too much, from a general chat to advice on the different classes they provide.Shannon is great at Aqua Aerobics, she ensures that you follow the class and helps if you have difficulty following or are not able to to do all the exercises by providing an alternative exercise.The gym staff know their stuff and ensure you are able to use the equipment correctly so as not to injure yourself.
Beth Cohen
Beth C.
10:02 19 Sep 23
My family had a great swim on the weekend and was so impressed by Shannon who was pool side during our session- she was kind, friendly, made both my children feel comfortable and welcome. She was engaging with others too which made her seem very approachable, but remained completely professional throughout.Thank you :)
Alice Norumore
Alice N.
07:53 16 Sep 23
I've been a regular for over a year and wouldn't change!The equipment is new and well looked after, classes are great, staff is always helpful, swimming pool is good (only observation, water is on the warmer side which can get uncomfortable for some swimmers), lots to do for adults and kids, coffee not bad either, overall clean 👍👍👍👍👍
Debbie Lishmund
Debbie L.
12:23 14 Sep 23
Excellent sports centre and gym. I can recommend from personal experience Lotte’s TRX classes and Declan for personal training but all staff are really knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.
Mike Walker
Mike W.
11:31 14 Sep 23
I use both the Midsomer Norton and Writhington sites. All staff are friendly and helpful. Classes are fantastic - I haven't tried them all because there are so many to chose from, but have enjoyed every one I've been to. I can't mention them all, but just a quick shout out for TRX with Lotte, spinning with Emily and yoga with Bev. Both gyms are well equipped and I never have a problem getting on equipment. My weight, fitness and general well being have all improved significantly in the year that I've been a member. In addition, it's so cheap for what you get, working out at about £1 a day for everything! Thanks everyone, and keep up the good work!
Amanda Ruddick
Amanda R.
06:42 13 Sep 23
Fantastic sports centre for all ages - brilliant facilities and lovely, helpful staff. Really goid value for money membership.
gareth turner
gareth T.
18:03 11 Sep 23
My daughter does dance here and seems to enjoy it. it has a bit of a cafe/coffee shop which is nice when she's dancing if cold get something warm if hot like today get an ice lolly
Nick Myers
Nick M.
07:15 11 Sep 23
Excellent as always, my daughter does gymnastics here, both kids do trampolining and the coffee is good enough to get me through it 😜
Lou Langan
Lou L.
21:07 10 Sep 23
My daughter attends the pre school gymnastics here and absolutely loves it! There is always lots of equipment and something different out everytime. Laura the coach is so friendly and amazing with all the children! She has so much patience and makes it a very enjoyable session for both me and my child. Would really recommend!
Ró Lady Hecate Dee-Seal (Lady Hecate)
Ró Lady Hecate Dee-Seal (Lady H.
07:16 01 Sep 23
Fun time with granddaughter
nicola palmer
nicola P.
19:11 27 Aug 23
I regularly use the gym, gym staff are friendly. Sometimes it's a little busy and hard to get on machines
Emma Curtain
Emma C.
17:55 24 Aug 23
I would like to share the fabulous experience I have just had at Dragonfly Leisure with you.Being new to group exercise and nowhere near where I would like to be in fitness terms I have been attending Lotte’s wonderful TRX classes after many months of her cajoling , coaxing and encouraging me to attend and have been overwhelmed by the support and understanding she has shown me in classes.Imagine my terror of arriving for class today to find out the class was being taking by a young man called Taylor.Now to say I didn’t think about tapping my band and legging it home as fast as my short stumpy legs could carry me would be a lie but I didn’t want to appear to be rude to the lad so snuck in with the thought of feigning injury so I could leave halfway through or hiding at the back , in my few minutes of terror I even started to consider quickly finding a Harry Potter cloak of invisibility as that seemed like more of a possibility than being able to keep up in this young man’s class!!!WHAT A BRILLIANT EXPERIENCE!!!Taylor was so supportive , not just to me but to the other ladies in the class that were newbies! He offered me alternative exercises that suited my ability when I looked at him shocked , he constantly checked back on me to make sure I was in a correct position and that I was comfortable with the intensity of the exercise and gave me such a feeling of reassurance and confidence ! I know no one can match up to Lotte but Taylor definitely comes in a close second . Not once did I feel out of place and that I didn’t belong when I got in the studio . Congratulations to Dragonfly leisure for nurturing and giving the young people in your organisation the chance to help other people with their passion for fitness. I would also like to mention Shannon whose aqua aerobics sessions I have also attended recently . Both these young people are so polite , friendly , welcoming and supportive , in-fact all the young staff I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with since starting my fitness journey with yourselves have been outstanding . Thank you for encouraging and mentoring the next generation , they should all be very proud of themselves.
Becky Appleby
Becky A.
18:34 15 Aug 23
Very fun softplay!! Very large but so much for every age child to do!
Linzi Stockdale-Bridson
Linzi S.
12:33 13 Aug 23
Wonderful soft play - my 3 year old grandson loves it - different areas for different ages and the cafe and entrance fee is reasonably priced. Not 5* due to quite slow service from the cafe sometimes.
Ruth Greenaway
Ruth G.
05:18 07 Aug 23
This soft play is excellent. There are spaces for babies, toddlers and older children. The cafe serves reasonably priced food. One word of caution, you need to book a place in school holidays.
Sian-Meghan Bunn
Sian-Meghan B.
14:19 24 Jul 23
Lods of different activities to book andThey give lessons too. Have soft play. They are a little pricey
jamie apps
jamie A.
20:31 11 Jul 23
The best soft play in the southwest for shore its so clean the staff are all very helpful and polite the cost to enter is excellent and the food is always fresh allround fantastic place for kids to burn off energy and adults to chill with a coffee and a bite to eat
Bethany Joan
Bethany J.
10:11 11 Jul 23
Great sports facilities, cafe and large carpark.
Keith Seward
Keith S.
15:50 07 Jul 23
Amazing place, staff are lovely and couldn't do more to be helpful. I Just wish Wiltshire Council would adopt Somersets gyms as Fusion are absolutely Rubbish.
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