It sounds simple and it is! Your key to long-term fitness is to start slow, build steadily and enjoy yourself!

Our qualified and supportive instructors are here to help you achieve your health and well-being goals.

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Make a Smart Start!

Our qualified and highly motivated instructors are here to help you achieve your fitness goals. The following appointments are provided free of charge for members. Please note all new members will need to sign a  waiver prior to attending the gym for the first time.

This 60 minute appointment is designed to show new members how to setup and use the equipment. Instructors can also assist you with connecting to both our booking and training app’s if needed.

This is a 60 minute fitness programming appointment where our qualified instructors will design an effective and fun workout for you to follow to ensure you achieve your fitness and well-being goals.


This is a 30 minute appointment involving a series of tests to assess functional and fundamental movement patterns. This assessment will highlight any imbalances, allowing our instructors to diagnose and then prescribe effective exercises and or treatment to treat the underlining cause.

This 30 minute appointment uses a medical grade body composition machine (used by the NHS) which provides a comprehensive view of a persons inner health. Body water, proteins, minerals, muscle mass and body fat are all measured – components of the human body which are closely related to the status of our health. The test is non-invasive and is completed fully clothed, minus your socks! You will be presented with a printed results sheet which will include detailed graphs and recommended ranges, all of which will be explained, in detail, by our instructors. Click here for more details.

Please ensure you read the InBody prerequisites before attending your assessment.

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Gym Waiver

Children will need to attend a PLAN & TRAIN appointment before they attend the gym. These can be booked 9 days in advance for members and 7 days for pay-as-you-go customers.

Children aged 11 – 15 yrs can attend any gym session Monday – Friday when accompanied by an adult. Please note the adult must also be booked on.

Juniors wishing to attend unaccompanied can attend one of the following supervised sessions.

Session times from January 2022:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 3.30 – 4.30pm – Writhlington

Monday to Friday @ 3.45 – 4.30pm & 4.30 – 5.15pm – Midsomer Norton (Only one booking per user per day)

Saturday & Sunday @ 10.00 – 11.00am – Midsomer Norton

Advance bookings only  either via our app (search DragonflyLeisure in app store or google play) or via our ‘book online’ button above.

New customers can register as pay-as-you-go or Junior Members. Click memberships above for more details. Click here for our guide to registering as a pay-as-you-go customer.

Click here for our covid-secure guidelines.

Junior Fitness Waiver

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Click button below for images including a list of equipment available.

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Gym Sessions – Included in your membership

Appointments – Included in your membership

Pay-As-You-Go Customers

Gym Sessions

Standard – £7.00 per session

Concession – £3.75 per session


Connect and Plan & Train – Adult £16.55, Concession £13.10

InBody – £49.95

Concession Table
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Climbing Lessons
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Dance Lessons
Gymnastics Lessons
Holiday Activities
Personal Training
Pre & Post Natal
Swimming Lessons
Table Tennis
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