We follow the Swim England “Learn to Swim” framework for our lessons. Our teachers are fully qualified, assessed and participate in regular professional development to ensure we offer the strongest learning experience. This also means we assess children against the framework at least every two weeks to help focus progression.

Click here for our parent guide to booking the correct stage for your child.


These supervised sessions are ideal for parents / guardians with children under 5. A qualified swimming teacher is available for advice and support during this session. See our swimming timetable for more details.

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Our Ducklings lessons are a fun and effective way of introducing children to water. We offer parent assisted lessons for 1 and 2 year olds and independent lessons for 3 and 4 year olds.

Our ducklings lessons are offered all year round (50 weeks) excluding 2 weeks over the Christmas period. Each 30 minute lesson includes time spent registering and assessing progress.


Discovery Ducklings (1 & 2 year olds) – £35.33 per month (30 minute lesson)

Ducklings (3 & 4 year olds) – £39.11 per month (30 minute lesson)




We offer group lessons for children and adults including 1:1 lessons. Lessons are offered over 50 weeks excluding 2 weeks at Christmas. Each 30 minute lesson includes time spent registering and assessing progress.

Click here for our parent guide to booking the correct stage.


Junior lessons – £34.56 per month (30 minute lesson)

1 : 1 lessons – £113.10 per month (30 minute lesson). A maximum of 2 children within 2 stages of each other are permitted at this price.

Adult lessons – £48.46 per month


To view your child’s progress if they are already on a course, visit our home portal by clicking here.

Click below to read our general lesson guidelines prior to attending your first session.

Lesson Guidelines

We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children. To protect children from maltreatment, prevent the impairment of children’s health or development and ensure that all our children on programme grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; taking action to enable all our children to have the best outcomes. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice.

If you have any concerns you can contact Fiona Clark by completing our Safeguarding Concern Form or by contacting the Sports Governing Body

We have branded merchandise available across all our sports lessons including hoodies, and T-shirts to be purchased at reception.

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