The following operating procedures are based on current guidance at the time of publishing – 13th July 2020.

Classes will be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis until the end of July. Direct debit membership subscriptions will re-start from 1st August.  Annual memberships that remain inactive will have their membership extended by the period of inactivity from 21st March until their first booking.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP BOGOF OFFER – 24 months for the price of 12 on all our annual memberships – available when our indoor facilities re-open, date to be confirmed please visit our website for further updates.

Outdoor Classes – available from w/c 6th July 

These will take place on the playing fields or outdoor tennis courts at our Writhlington site. Information boards indicating their location will be sited at the main entrance doors to the centre.

Advance bookings only via our app (search DragonflyLeisure in the app store or google play) or our website booking platform.Please note you will not be able to attend any of our workout classes without a booking.

Classes will be reduced to a maximum of 5 (6 including instructor) as per current government guidance. These charges reflect the restriction on numbers. These will be reduced and monthly subscriptions reintroduced from 25th July as restrictions are eased.

Attendees will need to bring their own equipment (mats, dumbbells etc) as equipment will not be available.

Attendees will not need to register their attendance for outdoor classes.

Class format will ensure 2m social distancing is maintained

Customers will need to bring plenty of water with them as there will not be a facility on site to refill.

Changing and toilet facilities will not be available until our indoor facilities are permitted to open.

Classes will take place in all weather conditions with the exception of thunder and lightning, so please wear suitable clothing.

Group cycling classes will only be cancelled in heavy rain. In this instance your booking will be moved to another day.

Refunds are not available once payment is made. Classes will only run if there are 3 or more people booked on, you will be given 24 hours notice of any cancelled classes. In this instance anyone already booked on will be moved to another session of their choice or refunded.

Indoor Classes – from Saturday 25th July

Class sizes will be reduced, and a minimum of 10 minutes will be allowed between classes to allow for the safe dispersal and entry of attendees. We intend to offer more classes as demand dictates and where social distancing is eased.

Only instructor led classes will be offered. Virtual classes will be suspended until further notice as we are unable to effectively supervise entry / exit and cleaning of equipment in the absence of a member of staff.

We are currently setting up a streaming platform so that we can offer our fantastic classes online. A small charge will apply for this service. Further details to follow.

Advance bookings only via our app (search DragonflyLeisure in the app store or google play) or our website booking platform. Please note you will not be able to attend any of our workout classes without a booking.

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of your class. We would prefer attendees to wait in their cars if arriving early and only enter the building approximately 2 minutes prior to the start of the class as this will avoid the need to queue.

Customers attending workout classes will only be able to enter via the studio reception entrance. Customers trying to enter via the main reception entrance will be refused entry. Floor demarcation markers will be in place via this entrance to allow attendees to maintain 2m social distancing. Customers are asked to wait outside the studio until asked to enter by the instructor.

Customers will need to check their temperature and sanitise their hands prior to entering through the left hand side turnstile (you’ll need to swipe your access band to gain entry). A wall mounted contactless infrared thermometer will be positioned to the left of the turnstiles. Anyone with a high temperature (unit will alert you) should not attend the class. In this instance pay-as-you-go members will be allowed to move their booking to another day by emailing Wrist bands will still need to be swiped at the turnstile to register attendance, failure to do so will invalidate your request to move the booking. Please note CCTV will be used to verify these requests are genuine.

All our studios will be marked to ensure a minimum of 2m social distancing between attendees as such occupancy levels have been reduced.

Class content will be adapted to ensure that 2m social distancing can be maintained for the duration of the class.

Wipes will be available for customers to wipe down any equipment before and after use.

Towels / ‘sweat towels’ are not permitted.

Yoga mats will NOT be available for general use and will be removed from our studios.

Customers will need to provide their own yoga mats.

There will be a minimum of 10 minutes between classes to allow customers to exit and enter safely. We would therefore politely ask all customers to leave promptly and not congregate.

Customers booking back to back classes will be permitted to remain in the studio if their next class is in the same studio otherwise customers will be asked to leave and re-enter at the designated entry point.

Customers attending classes in studios 1 and 2 will exit via the external fire exit doors.

Group cycling classes will take place in our indoor tennis centre.

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